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New User Profiles on 500px


500px have updated their site once again to bring beautiful new Profiles to their users.  This feature is being slowly rolled out and I have to say, it looks spectacular.  Similar to Google+, cover photos are the focus point with a redesign to their menu below; allowing you to jump between Photos, Sets, Favorites, Store & Statistics easily.  They’ll be hosting a live Q&A at 3pm EST on Google+ today to answer questions and show off the new look.

All the While by Barzin


I’m fortunate to call Barzin a friend.  A long time fan of his music, I’ve photographed him a few times while living in Toronto.  Today, Rolling premiered his new track “All the While” from my his upcoming album, To Live Alone in that Long Summer and he was sweet enough to include one of my photos of him in this feature.

"At the heart of it, the song is about the desire for change," Barzin Hosseini tells Rolling Stone. “More specifically, it’s about our efforts, big or small, to regain something that has been lost. Through various means – art, sex, drugs, meditation, what have you – we are constantly trying to experience the everyday in a way that is new. And although we fail at it most of the time, there are small, flickering moments, when suddenly life enters our heart.”

Be sure to download the mp3 off of their site and pre-order his album through Monotreme Records.  To Live Alone in that Long Summer will be available world wide on February 25th 2014.

Rose and Sons’ Hibernation Party

Last evening, Rose and Sons celebrated their first anniversary by hosting a BBQ party in the back at Big Crow. In a quick 2 months, Big Crow has become my favourite restaurant in Toronto. Celebrating Algonquin Canoe trips and Open Fire Cooking, Anthony Rose, Rob Wilder and Chris Sanderson have done an amazing job at giving you a quick escape from the city life to sit down with friends for some incredible BBQ dishes and savoury sides.

Last night was no exception, treating their guests to a mixed grill menu and cocktails from Dillon’s Distillers.  For those that couldn’t make it, Big Crow will be serving their HIBERNATION mixed grill from Sunday through Wednesday all winter long at $24.99.

For someone who grew up spending every weekend at her cottage, this place brings back nostalgic feelings of those winter weekends up north.  To an incredible staff (Desiree, Ryan, Anthony, Hazel, Sarah and everyone else whose name I haven’t learned yet), thank you and Happy Anniversary!


Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party 131121_RoseAndSonsBigCrow-040_collaton Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party 131121_RoseAndSonsBigCrow-041_collaton Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party Rose and Sons Hibernation Party

The Paper Kites @ the Horseshoe Tavern

Last week I headed to the Horseshoe Tavern to check out the Paper Kites  as they headed to Canada and the US for their first time.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve photographed a band and despite a weak back I was eager to get back into it.  The Horseshoe is always a tough venue for a photographer due to the low stage.  You have to get there early if you want a good angle to shoot from and filling my appetite with delicious sushi was my priority before their set.  Luckily I made friends with the security and they let me photograph the band from the side of the stage.


Another challenge with the Horseshoe is the lighting.  There’s a lot of red which is always tough to capture but it can make for some incredible black & white images.  I brought my final set of images into Lightroom 5 and played around with some pre-made black & white presets to end up with this warm, vintage looking set of images.

131107_ThePaperKites-002_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-003_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-010_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-Diptych01_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-017_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-019_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-021_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-022_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-024_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-Diptych02_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-029_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-033_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-040_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-043_collaton 131107_ThePaperKites-044_collaton

[blockquote source=”The Paper Kites”] The Paper Kites will support City and Colour on his 13-date tour, before embarking on their own headlining tour. Head here for more ticket and date details.Pick up a copy of States at iTunesAmazon or your favorite indie retailer![/blockquote]


DSLR Dynamics Tour

My friend planetMitch of planet5D is on tour with Barry Anderson, author of "The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook" to teach you how to shoot and edit better videos and they’re stopping in Toronto!

You’ll gain expert knowledge, as well as practical tips and tricks necessary to take greater control over creative projects, consistently deliver impactful videos, and master the look & feel you’ve been looking for.

  • Lighting

  • Composition and Framing

  • Camera Movement

  • Audio

  • Editing and Coloring

  • and More…

Barry and planetMitch have set up a very special 15% off discount code just for you! But it is only valid until September 30th so don’t delay! You can find all of the cities and dates here. The code is "planet5D" and put that code into the box on the registration page:


Frame to Finish Expo

The Frame to Finish Expo is aimed to help wedding photographers and videographers drive their business forward.  Taking the best Canadians in the industry, the instructors will cover everything on the business side along with camera & lighting techniques and workflows.  Business topics include branding, social media, intellectual property management and effective contracts.

Sponsored by Canon, this world-class curriculum will be delivered in three cities across Canada—Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. With a line up of speakers that include: Cloud Nine Creative, Jonetsu Photography, f11 Project, Canon Image Square and more, this is something you won’t want to miss.

The curriculum includes:

  • Eyes on the Prize: Business Development for Wedding Professionals

  • Standing out from the Crowd: Branding & Social Media Marketing

  • Terms of Endearment: Contracts for Wedding Professionals

  • DSLR Film Making for Weddings

  • Creating Standout Portraits Anywhere, with Anyone at Anytime

  • Wedding Videograpy: Tips for the Big Day

  • Photo Editing with Adobe  Lightroom 

If you register before September 30th 2013, you’ll receive a $20 discount off your ticket purchase.

Drink and Click Toronto: Famous Landmarks

Drink and Click

 This summer has been crazy and I fell behind in my photowalk responsibilities.  Luckily, that’s all changing now.  Join me this Sunday for our next Drink and Click Toronto Photowalk starting at 2pm at the south east corner of Nathan Phillips Square.  Our challenge this month is famous landmarks or famous people.  We’ve been lucky enough to have a few winners from our city in past challenges and I don’t doubt that we can get another this month.  You can find all info about our walk here and be sure to add us to your circles over on Google+.